Getting Started

What to Expect

  • Your first horse riding lesson at TES is a 30 minute Evaluation Lesson. It will consist of a brief orientation and riding lesson. This session helps us determine which class level would be the best for you.

  • Following the riding portion of your lesson, we’ll explain school procedures. Plan to spend at least an hour at TES for your Evaluation. You may schedule your required Horsemanship Class (AKA, Tack Class) and next riding lesson after completion.

  • Evals are $65 and may be booked in person in the office, or over the phone. Payment is required upon booking your lesson.

  • TES enforces a strict 24-hr cancellation policy. Without at least 24-hr notice, you will be charged the full lesson price. TES does not issue refunds.

  • Evals may be rescheduled once, with 24-hr notice. Any further rescheduling of an Eval will require additional payment.

  • All new students are required to take Horsemanship Class (AKA, Tack Class) before your first horse riding lesson, after your Eval. See below for more information on Horsemanship Class.

  • To become a student at TES, you are required to read and agree to the “Rules & Regulations.”

What to Wear

  • Approved horse riding boots, jeans or breeches, and helmets are absolutely mandatory for any and all lessons at TES, including Evals. If you do not have approved riding boots, TES will provide paddock boots, only for your Eval.

  • TES provides helmets for your first 5 lessons. Your own helmet must be SEI/ATSM Approved - look for the certification sticker inside the helmet.

  • For your safety, no tennis shoes, hiking boots, “equestrian style” fashion boots, sweat pants, leggings or track pants are ever allowed.

  • You should purchase your own boots following the Eval or may rent ours for $5/lesson. However, we cannot guarantee boot availability and if you cannot ride due to improper foot wear, you will forfeit your lesson.

  • TES offers students a 10% discount card to 4 local tack stores. You will receive your TES discount card, along with the names & addresses of the tack stores when you purchase your first lesson or lesson package, following your Eval.

  • View full descriptions & photos of acceptable riding attire.

What to Provide to Book an Evaluation Lesson

We will need to know the following in order to book your Eval:
  • First & last name (correct spelling)

  • First & last name of parent/guardian (if applicable)

  • Phone number

  • Height

  • Weight (strict 195# weight limit)

  • Riding experience (if any)

  • Credit card number/expiration date (for payment)

  • How you heard about TES

Mandatory Horsemanship Class (AKA, Tack Class)

  • The Traditional Equitation School teaches total horsemanship from the ground up. Toward that end, we offer a Horsemanship Class (or Tack Class) every Saturday and Sunday from 11am-12pm . TES students themselves, tack the horses they ride in their lessons. In this class, you will learn our school procedures for grooming and tacking a horse for your riding lesson. Tack Class must be attended before your first lesson, after your Eval.

  • Parents or guardians (family members, nannies) of underage children are also required to take the Tack Class, as the child will need assistance. Parents and guardians are required to sign a TES Release Form before participating in the Tack Class.

  • Please always arrive at least thirty minutes before your lesson to tack your horse, and be prepared to spend another thirty minutes to untack, after your lesson. Allow plenty of travel time for our busy Los Angeles freeways.

  • If an individual cannot tack or untack his/her horse, we will do our best to have a staff member "fast tack" for you. However, tacking is a part of horsemanship and therefore a significant part of your lesson.

  • Fast tacks are $15 if booked in advance or $20 if booked the day of your class.

Scheduling Lessons Beyond Your Evaluation Lesson

  • You may schedule lessons by phone or in person, with the office receptionist.

  • The office number is (818)569-3666.

  • Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Tuesday thru Friday, and 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • You may schedule lessons individually, or set a “standing” lesson schedule that is identical each week.

Regular Lesson Procedures

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your lesson time, as you will need to pay for your lesson, perhaps schedule future lessons, and groom and tack up your lesson horse.

  • When you arrive, first go directly to the TES office and check-in with the receptionist. Tell her your name, the time of your lesson, and your instructor's name.

  • At this time, pay for the lesson you are about to take (by check, cash or credit card); or present your lesson card, indicating that you have a discounted pre-paid lesson package.

  • The receptionist will tell you the name of your assigned lesson horse. Find the location of the horse's stall on the chalkboard in the office. Also, look on the board for any special instructions for that horse, such as special equipment that horse requires (ie. bell boots, martingale), horses that cannot be tacked up in the crossties (“no tie”), or horses that must be tacked up in the crossties (“X-tie”).

  • Applying the procedures that you learned in the Horsemanship Class, prepare your horse for your lesson.

  • When you and your lesson horse are ready, wait in the parking lot near the cars, lining up facing the barn, and wait for your instructor to take you to your lesson arena. Do not mount your horse at this time.

  • After your lesson, you will untack your horse, unless another student is waiting to use your horse in the next lesson. Plan to stay at least 30 minutes after your lesson to care for your horse. Weather conditions may require you to provide additional horse care, such as sponging down, walking a hot horse or removing mud during the rainy season.

Canceling Lessons

  • Since your lesson reserves time with your instructor and the exclusive use of a school horse, cancellations for any reason must be made at least 24 hours prior to your lesson time.

  • If you do not cancel a lesson and do not show up for it, it will be considered a "no show" and you will be charged for it.

  • Failure to give 24-hour notice when making a cancellation will result in a “no show” and you will be charged for your lesson.

  • Cancellations made with at least 24-hour notice may be rescheduled, subject to availability.

  • Cancellations may be made by phone or in person. Call the TES office at (818)569-3666 and tell the receptionist your name, your instructor and the day and time of your lesson. You may also reschedule the lesson at this time.

Procedures for Rainy Weather

  • When it is raining, please call before you come for your lesson or before assuming your lesson is cancelled. It might not be raining at the LAEC even if it is raining at your location.

  • Classes are generally held, if at all possible (we have access to a large, covered arena--the Equidome--during these times). Do not assume that your lesson has been cancelled. It is the student’s responsibility to call and cancel due to rain if classes are being held.

  • Cancellations due to extreme weather conditions may be waived from the 24-hr Cancellation Policy.