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1. 2 Face Masks

2. Individual Hand Sanitizer

3. Breeches or Jeans

Tight fitting pants are best as loose fabric        may chafe.

4. Cold Bottle of Water


5. Sack Lunch (we eat 3x during the day)

Morning Snack 


Afternoon Snack

6. Change to Buy Cold Drinks (optional)

$1 for bottled water

$2 for Gatorade

7. Sunscreen

8. On Thursdays

Change of clothes for water play

Beach Towel

9. Riding Boots

All campers are required to have their              own riding boots.

Campers may wear paddock boots

or cowboy boots.

No other type of boots are allowed for riding.

No construction boots

No steel toed boots

No rain boots

10. Tennis shoes (optional) 

Tennis shoes to wear during non-riding            activities such as crafts.

Riding boots must be worn in the barn and      around horses at all times, even when

campers are not riding.

11. Helmet (optional) 

An approved ASTM/SEI Certified 

horseback riding helmet.

No other types of helmets are approved 

for riding. 

Helmets will be loaned to campers who do

not bring their own.

You may purchase boots and helmets at