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  • Riders at TES must be at least 4 years old.

  • TES enforces a strict weight limit of 195 pounds.

  • Your account must be in good standing & fully paid-up to book a lesson.

  • All packages are monthly.

  • TES enforces a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. Any student who fails to attend his/her lesson without notice is a “no show” and will be charged the full lesson price. Any cancellation made without at least 24-hour notice will be considered a “no show” and charged the full lesson price.

  • TES does not issue refunds - credit only.

  • All students at TES must wear SEI/ATSM certified helmets whenever mounted on horseback

  • Proper riding attire, according to TES, must be worn whenever riding at TES.

  • TES students and staff promote respect and kindness toward humans and horses.

  • TES reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

  • In order to keep your children safe at all times, please do not drop them off or leave them unattended in or around the barn. Screaming and running are also prohibited. If you bring additional children you will need to have additional guardians present to ensure their safety.

  • In order to keep your pet & our students safe, please do not bring your dogs to TES - even if you plan on leaving them in the car.

  • TES is not a riding therapy center. Our facility is not equipped to accommodate handicapped or special needs riders.

  • TES is a riding school and just like a school we will provide a substitute teacher in the event of your instructor's absence. Lesson schedules will proceed as normal without notification to the student unless a time or day change is necessary.

  • Lessons are not canceled due to inclement weather.

  • In extreme weather conditions (rain, wind, heat), we offer a variety of alternative lessons including lectures, riding lessons in our parking lot or in the Equidome and trail rides. Please consult with your instructor and office staff regarding any lesson change.

  • Please arrive at least thirty minutes before your lesson to tack your horse, and be prepared to spend another thirty minutes to untack after your lesson. Allow plenty of travel time for our busy Los Angeles freeways.

    • A student’s lesson starts at its schedule time whether or not that student is tacked & ready to ride. If the student is still grooming/tacking at the start of his/her lesson, that becomes part of the lesson.

  • An Evaluation Lesson and Horsemanship Class (AKA, Tack Class) are a required introduction for all TES students. TACK CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19.

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